In The Air Tonight by Lori Handeland

The Sisters of the Craft Series is possibly one the most underrated series to date. Now hear me out I’m not saying this is Shakespeare or Jane Austin but why isn’t this a cult classic. This story was so very nostalgic giving me a Twitches and Charmed vibe but with spice. 

In The Air Tonight is a story that started four centuries ago, in a small Scottish village. It’s a story comprised of dark magic, dangerous secrets, and controlled chaos.

This isn’t a groundbreaking story, there aren’t any new concepts or unexplored plots. It’s actually rather predictable and to me, that’s the joy of this book. It has the makings of a CW show and could have been the replacement for The Secret Circle (a CW show about witches that lasted one season in 2011. Which in my opinion was bullshit the series deserved better.)

While I know this book is not for everyone. I feel like a majority of people would dislike the story and maybe that’s why it was left in 2015. As for myself, I’ve always been honest. This shouldn’t be new to any of my consistent readers that I’m easily entertained. In The Air Tonight was 8 pm tv on a school night entertaining for me.

The plot surrounds a family of witches separated by time and death. A set of triplets who have no idea about each other and an evil that’s has defied death with a vow to destroy them. Please I dare you to tell me that if this was a tv show you wouldn’t tune.

In this first installment, we meet Raye. A black-haired browned-eyed kindergarten teacher living in a town filled with blonde-haired and blue-eyed residents. She was literally the only person who didn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes. She’s obviously adopted. Raye can see ghosts. She’s always been able too and as a child, she was very vocal about what she saw. Until she overheard her adopted father make a comment about returning her because it freaked him out.

Her overhearing him affected her personality and her relationships. Not only with her father but with everyone. Now I know it’s messed up that her father made that comment but with full transparency I not judging him. I’ve seen enough scary movies to know that if your child is seeing dead people it’s a problem. Seriously imagine your adopted child coming up to you and say your dead brother is smoking a cigar on your porch and then you smell the said cigar. How freaked out would you be?

Anyways Raye is witty, smart, and sarcastic everything I love in a female protagonist. While she doesn’t give you the woe is me routine and still felt bad for her all throughout the story. Out of all the powers she could have been given she gets to see the dead. I’m sure there’s an upside to this particular gift but this story carries a sad tone.

Then there’s our male lead Robert but apparently, everyone calls him Bobby. While his description makes him hot and his creole accent makes him hotter his name completely turns me all the way off. Bobby. Really? No shade to all the Bobby’s out there I’m sure you’re great people but his name and his description did not add up. At least not in my mind.

I really wanted to like Bobby but for me, he just seemed to be another pretty face. Sure he’s this hotshot homicide detective from New Orleans but his personality really didn’t do it for me. He reminded me of a forty-year-old man who’s stuck in his way and beliefs. He had no give in him. Even with one and one making two he refused to believe what was staring him in his face.

Things get tricky when a band of killers start killing witches and Wiccans. Even tricker when said killers take a shot at Raye’s head with a meat cleaver. Raye has no idea who she is and why a cult suddenly has it out for her. All she knows is that after every death the ghosts tell her “He will burn us all.” This, unfortunately, reopens a serial killer case that Bobby thought went cold over a year ago.

Raye and Bobby’s romance was Luke warm at best. They had a nice banter between them and the attraction was good. Just when I was getting to like them together Bobby went and ruined it. The minute that she told him she could see ghosts he left her. He didn’t just walk away he got in his car and left the town. The only reason he even came back was because the FBI agent he was working with told him to meet him at a certain location. That location just so happened to be a future crime scene for Raye.

So in the end, they got together and Bobby even believed Raye about her gifts but to me, it was only by coincidence. It wasn’t very heartfelt but I mean I guess they’re endgame. There wasn’t anybody else I would have shipped her with anyways but Raye deserved better. She deserved someone who even if they didn’t believe in witchcraft believed in her. Bobby didn’t.

Even though I wasn’t here for the romance Lori Handeland has a written a bomb-ass plot. While my heart might not have swooned over Bobby and Raye’s relationship the story in itself is intriguing. Will I be reading the second book? Hell yes, I need to know what going to happen with these sisters.

Authors Note: This post is way longer than it needed to be. I rambled a lot but in my defense this is one of those stories that needed to have an extended commentary.

With Love,