The Not Books Post #1 [ Farming Games ]

This year I wanted to share more of myself with my readers. Between working, being a mom and my regular posts that require hours of prep [actual reading] I didn’t know it it would be feasible. I still don’t know if it’s something I’ll be able to keep up routinely but maybe every once in awhile I’ll be able to type something up like this.

In February’s Wrap Up I added a small gaming section because I needed some filler content but honestly it wasn’t a bad idea. I’ve been playing my Switch a lot more and buying quite a bit of stimulation games. Full disclaimer I’m not a gamer but I do have quite an opinion when it comes to farming games. Seeing as I’ve spent a ton of money buying them and failing to be a fruitful farmer I’d thought it’d be fun to give reviews on the games I’ve tried.

StarDew Valley

So many gamers and YouTubers raved about this game so I succumbed to the hype.

I was under the impression Stardew Valley was supposed to be relaxing and fun. Yet every time I play I’m stressed asf. I find the game unnecessarily complicated. I just wanted to farm and get married. So why am I fighting monsters in caves and getting my feelings hurt by the town drunk?

My Time at Portia

Although the graphics are an improvement. I’m still stressed. I’ve still got to fight monsters in caves and not going to lie I accidentally chopped up a llama and I’m traumatized by it.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

By far my favorite farming game out of the three. It’s been out for that a week and I’m already in love. I honestly felt like the other two games were unnecessarily hard and stressful.

In Story of Seasons I’m actually having fun and there aren’t any tasks that I have to take. It’s easier to get live stock. There’s the small annoyance of multiple maker machines. The trees grow back at an alarming rate which isa blessing and a curse. The fact that I can date every eligible bachelors or bachelorette before deciding who I want to marry more than makes up for that. The animation is so cute.

I’ve thought about maybe writing about my fictional romances for shits and giggles but I’ve yet to come to a decision.

With Love,