Heat of The Moment by Lori Handeland

A/N: This post contain explicit language, spoilers, and brief mentions of statutory rape. If you’re sensitive to these topics please refrain from reading. I’ll see you in the next post.

The Sisters of The Craft series just keeps on giving with this next installment. In my last post I made the claim that this would be an awesome CW show. I still stand by that.

Becca and Owen’s romance is ten times better than the Lukewarm hot mess from the previous installment. Becca has an affinity for animals. She can hear their thoughts. This gift, along with her ability to heal, prompted her to become a vet. She’s from a well-known, influential family. Which makes her romance with Owen, the town’s bad boy, all the more impactful.

Owen is the bad boy, well, not really. His mother is apparently the only druggie in town. Which gives him a bad rap. Owen left to serve in the marines for unknown reasons. Evidently, this broke Becca’s heart. After ten years, Owen returns to sell his mother’s home. Instead, he finds himself wrapped up in cult conspiracies and attempted murders that all seem to surround the one women he’s ever loved.

This installment was so much better than the last one from the romantic standpoint alone. When you continue to read and layers upon layers of bullshit and fuckery unfold, you really have to sit back and pause. I don’t know how to unpack this book calmly, and without spoilers, so I’m just going to get into it.

Basically, Becca and Owen were in love like real love, and Becca’s dad was not okay with it. He caught them having sex and pulled Owen aside. Becca’s dad gave eighteen-year-old Owen the ultimatum of leaving town or going to jail for statutory rape against his seventeen-year-old daughter. This isn’t even statutory rape, but in the backward-ass village that they live in, the cops still would have taken him to jail because he was the town’s outcast.

So Owen left, which basically ruined Becca for anyone else and gave her major trust issues. Then fast forward ten years later, grown-ass Becca decided to sleep with Owen, and her dad was still trying to threaten him. It’s safe to say Becca’s dad had me all the way fucked up.

Mind you, that’s just the romance drama. I have yet to touch on the adoption drama or the cult conspiracies. Becca didn’t even know she was adopted until Raye showed up. You’re probably wondering how she never knew. It’s because she never was. Her mother had a miscarriage at home which is tragic on its own. A few days later she found Becca. I’m sure you’re connecting the dots now, so I won’t go on.

While all of this is happening, the main plot is still progressing nicely. Lori Handeland is terrific at multitasking. Not only did she make sure to give a ton of drama on Becca’s life, but we also got a decent amount of background and insight on Owen as well. His mother played an intricate part in setting up the next and last installment of the series. I also like how the ending isn’t predictable. Seriously you don’t know who the bad guys are until they reveal themselves.

Overall I enjoyed this story. The drama, the conspiracies, the deaths (yes, people actually died) were beyond anything I was expecting from this series. This installment was beyond chaotic, and my post reflex’s that, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

With Love,