Smoke On The Water by Lori Handeland

This last installment of the Sisters of The Craft series was by far the most chaotic. I’m conflicted. While I find the series as a whole to be entertaining and dramatic there were so many things in this particular story that gave me reasons to pause and reflect.

This is by far the darkest out of all three books. While the other sister’s stories were sad and conflicting in their own right. It was always lightened by small doses of humor throughout.

Smoke On The Water either did not follow this pattern, or the humor fell short. Willow Black is the only one out of the three sisters that had no permanent home. Her affinity to water allowed her to see possible futures or the past whenever she looked at it. So when Willow sees a vision of her own murder, then bumps into the man who’s supposed to take her out, she. doesn’t wait around to see if it’ll come true. Unfortunately for her, he didn’t have the squiggly knife or wolf-shaped ring he’s supposed to brand her with on him when she attacks.

Sebastian Frasier is the new administers at Wisconsin Mental Health Facility, where Willow has spent her time after attempting to kill her killer. He’s got a chip on his shoulder and a strong attraction to Willow. Stronger than even he knows, considering she’s been seeing him in the Water for most of her life.

So Sebastian is the reason I’m so morally conflicted. I tried my best to get with the doctor and patient relationship but some of. His thoughts were so out of pocket. I don’t know if Lori meant to make it seem like Sebastian was a perv, but it’s how he came across to me. Granted, Willow had already had multiple visions of them being intimate, so she was down, but he didn’t know that.

Plus, his denial of everything in front of him reminded me of Bobby from In The Air Tonight, and I just refuse to deal with another Bobby. The first half of this book runs concurrently with Heat of The Moment. I enjoyed getting to know more about Crazy Mary, aka Owen’s mom.

I loved the comeback of characters in the second half of the book, but I feel like we all know with more characters comes more chaos. While I live for these types of books, I know everyone does not. As the end drew near and the final battle between light and dark began, the girls messed up a lot. There were a ton of unexpected events, and the conclusions to the series were so unpredictable.

Under different circumstances, I would divulge more than this. Still, because I gave so many spoilers in my Heat of The Moment review, I decided to hold back a bit more. I want my ramble on books to give people an inclination to read, not so that they read my rambles instead of the book.

With Love,