Hidden Star by Nora Roberts [Stars of Mithra 1]

Authors Note: Slowly but surely I’m getting back to my usual posting schedule. I have a list of books to post about, a lot more opinions to share. I’m super excited for this month.

Hidden Star had many qualities that I love woven into the plot. Mysterious dreams, a ruthless villain, and a hot rich black sheep.

I found myself rolling my eyes at this love at first sight romance but loving it at the same time. Cade is transparent about his immediate attraction to Bailey. The way he simps for her is legendary.

I think anyone can agree that there’s something extremely romantic about knowing where you stand with someone always.

Bailey as a character is adorable. At first glance, she seems shrewd. Tight kept and maybe a little stuck up, but their are layers to Bailey James. Why else would she have gone to a P.I. instead of the police when she woke up in a shady motel with way too much money, a giant blue diamond, and no memory.

Cade is the black sheep in his wealthy family. He is willingly working as a P.I. in a rundown building instead of living it up with his riches. Bailey moves him from the moment she walks into his office. She is soaking wet wearing a pale green suit, and he sees beauty where I would’ve seen something resembling a drowned cat. If that isn’t love, then what is?

As always in these kinds of novels, their love isn’t allowed to grow and flourish without something or someone trying to trample it. Our villain isn’t some crazy guy with mental health issues; he’s a true villain. Reincarnated from ancient times, he’s come for what he believes belongs to him. The stars. To obtain his prize, he enlists multiple modern-day bad guys to do his dirty work. In the end, all that is good prevails at least temporarily, because while one star may be out of his reach (for now), there are two more up for grabs.

I can say I thoroughly enjoyed Hidden Star. At the same time, I wanted more of the past. More of the dreams like memories and souls that have found their way back to each other. I’m crossing my fingers that that particular part of the plot will be expanded throughout the other installments. 

With Love,