Captive Star by Nora Roberts [Stars of Mithra 2]

Captive Star was, well, it was something. I don’t think I’ve ever read a Nora Roberts novel where I felt just blah afterward. It had great potential, though.

Before I began my rant on how this story could have been better, I’ll impart what I got out of this novel.

This is a story about a bad boy and a bad girl and how they fall in love. Meet Jack Dakota is a bounty hunter with a bad attitude and outlook on life. He speaks sarcasm as if it were his first language. He’s the asshole you hate to love but fall so hard for. Then there’s M.J. O’Leary is a full-blooded, red-headed Irish woman with the attitude to match.

Before Jack even meets M.J., he already has a preconceived opinion of her. Hence, their actual first meeting goes less than stellar. Add the fact that he’s trying to wrongfully arrest her, and shit hit the fan. I was baffled that he was still trying to control her after telling him multiple times that he was misinformed. Yet, at the same time, if he’s used to dealing with people the continuously jump bail, I don’t know if I would have believed her either.

It isn’t until both of them are attacked that Jack believes something fishy is going on. Instead of just helping her for better yet, leaving her to figure her shit out, he handcuffs her. This is where my viewpoints on this story get messy. Jack just did way too much throughout the whole novel, and why? Because of lust. Give me a break.

In the previous installment, M.J. was described as a fierce, taken no man’s shit woman. None of those characteristics were portrayed enough throughout the novel’s longevity. The majority of the time, M.J. came across as an angry, aggressive, and simple-minded person. She also couldn’t seem to look beyond her lust to realize being practically kidnapped held no appeal.

The only big thing that happened is that the main villain is revealed. Honestly, the only thing I can say is he has enough money to buy better minions. There were absolutely no excuses for them to fail. M.J. and Jack got away with minimal injuries by sheer luck. After that, everything followed the same pattern as book one.

My honest opinion of this story is that it could have been better. Way better. I feel like this was a filler book because the three stars need three individual characters. There’s no way she was invested in M.J. and Jack. They had so much potential. Their banter came across as arguing a lot of the time, and they said I love you way too fast. I tried to excuse it away because of the whole reincarnation thing Nora has going on, but she didn’t expand on that. The bits and pieces that are given leave me more confused than curious because the characters don’t even realize what’s going on.

Here’s to hoping the next one is better.

With Love,