Secret Star by Nora Roberts [ Stars of Mithra 3]

[Author’s Note: I’ve noticed that I tend to not post during the last week of the month. Not making any excuses but it’s something I’ve noticed. To conquer this I’ve decided to try to pre-schedule post a week in advance. This might not come to fruition but it’s an idea.]

In this final post, I’m going to discuss my thoughts on Stars of Mithra 3 and my overall opinion on the series.

Secret Star brings together two characters that have been mentioned continuously throughout the series.

Grace Fontaine is a trust fund baby with a heart gold. Being the black sheep of her uptight condescending family Grace has learned to build strong walls to keep the haters at bay. She described herself as gorgeous. Practically perfect and straight from every man’s wet dreams. Seth Buchanan is a Lieutenant. He’s been a part of the stars of Mithra case since the beginning. While the people around him describe him as an uptight, strait-laced asshole, I find that that isn’t the case.

Grace and Seth’s story begins with Grace presumingly dead. Seth becomes infatuated with Grace from studying her pictures and belongings at the crime scene. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s kind of weird. His infatuation of Grace came across so strong when he was so clearly trying to stereotype her. He was mad when she played into the stereotype and infuriated when she didn’t. Grace just couldn’t win.

Grace is by far my favorite out of the three girls. I loved her so much. Grace was sweet and spicy. Kind but didn’t take anyones bullshit. She hurt but never let anyone use it against her. Yeah Grace is my girl. I hated Seth for Grace because she so obviously loved him. She deserved someone who wasn’t afraid to claim her and love her with his whole chest. Seth wasn’t making the cut for me.

Our villain became bolder in this novel. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, and our villain did that. Not only did he get super close to obtaining the stars he almost had Grace as well. If Grace hadn’t used what she had to get what she wanted (that’s a Players Club reference), he would have whisked her away. It’s safe to say he went out with a bang. Literally. 

The past lives aspect of the series was expanded more in this last installment but still fell short. I feel like this is because the other novels didn’t accurately incorporate it into the plot. Which was a disappointment because that was what really reared me in from the first novel.

The series as a whole wasn’t horrible, although I’ve realized that I put Nora Roberts novels on a pedestal. Unfortunately, this series fell short. On a more positive note, I will say I love the overall concept of this series. The way the plot spreads throughout it, but the character focus differs in each novel. Ideally, I love reading series like this.

With Love,