Dick Fight Island Vol. 01 by Reibun Ike

This manga deserved a post all to itself. The title alone makes its post worthy. The fact that I went out and purchased a hard copy of this manga just about sums up how I feel. I don’t even have much to say besides the obvious, but you’re getting my thoughts regardless.

Dick Fight Island is self-explanatory. The best warriors from the eight islands battle with their dicks every four years to determine who will be king. How do you win? You have to make all theater contestants cum firsts. They protect their penis with amour that becomes more extravagant as the years pass. Hence the cover photo. This year one contestant does the unthinkable. He penetrates his opponents. Apparently, no one has ever thought to do that in the tournament.

What I loved about Dick Fight Island is that its equal amounts wholesome and smutty. I’ll explain while the tournament is highly sexual, none of the warriors or bystanders think of it as a sexual thing. To them, it’s like a presidential election. So when one guy decides to penetrate his opponent, all the other warriors are in shock. This aspect adds layers of humor because these are the same men who are sucking each other off in front of hundreds of people. 

With that being said I found Dick Fight Island to be a great fantasy rom-com. All the warrior are extremely attractive but it’s hard to get hot and bothered in between laughs. The plot is actually okay and throughly written despite the nature of this manga. The characters have distinct personalities that play into how they battle each other.

Would I recommend this manga? Absolutely. I think it would be a great beach reader something to enjoy over your morning coffee.

With Love,