The Summer Book Haul

Hello friends, I’m back. I feel refreshed, relaxed, and ready to give you some of the best parts of me. My time away from the blog has been spent running errands, budgeting my household budget, and playing the Sims 4. I’ve also revamped the site a little. I’m pretty sure I love the new design. I feel like an actual blogger now. Not just a girl with a website.

Anyways, I’ve been doing a whole lot of buying and not a lot of reading. My hyper fixation on yaoi manga is still present, and I’ve found some gems. I thought about splitting my latest book haul into two lists. One for manga and one for novels, but that would be dragging it. So this post may be rather long. Enjoy!

RoadQueen: Eternal Road Trip to Love
by Mira Ong Chua

Okay, so I may have already read this one. I was super excited and couldn’t wait. RoadQueen: Eternal Road Trip to Love gave me Ranma 1/2 vibes. I’m not going to get too deep into what I felt while reading this story because that will be a separate post. Just know I thoroughly enjoyed Mira’s story and art.

A Touch of Darkness
by Scarlett St. Clair

This is a love story involving Persephone and Hades. That’s it; that’s all that needs to be said here. They are my favorite Greek mythology couple. Yes, I know the dark truth behind all that’s been romanticized.

Do I care? Not enough apparently because no matter how my head says no my heart screams yesssssssss!

When A Magician’s Pupil Smiles
by Chisaki Kanai

When A Magician’s Pupil Smiles gives me angst. It gives me dark and contained violence. I’m here for all of it. A boy who can’t feel who lives in a dark, dangerous world. Where life isn’t valued.

The synopsis on the back didn’t say that but it’s the vibe I’m getting.

Legacy by Nora Roberts

Y’all know how I feel about my girl Nora. Yet, I battled with whether I was going to buy this one or not. In the end, I caved, and Nora’s Legacy came home for a permanent stay. 

Based off the synopsis Legacy is going to be a thriller/suspense novel. But, knowing Nora there’s going to be a touch of romance in there as well.

Coyote Vol. 1,2,3
by Ranmaru Zariya

A paranormal shifter BL manga. I almost cried reading the synopsis. Never in my life had I imagined a manga comprised of all the things I love.

My eyes are watering just thinking about all the serotonin this series is going to give me.

A Heart of Blood and Ashes
by Milla Vane

I didn’t spend to much time reading the back of this paperback. With authors that are new to me I just flip to a page and read it.

Sometimes just by the wording alone I can tell if I’m going to enjoy it. By reading that one page somewhere in the middle of the book I have a feeling Milla is going to be one of my new favorites.

Don’t Be Cruel Vol. 1 & 2

by Yonezou Nekota

It’s a High school BL romance. I wish I had more to say but I don’t know much about Don’t Be Cruel besides it being a BL.

The biggest draw for me was the art style. It’s very 90’s.

So this was pretty long but I enjoyed typing this up. For the first time in a while I’m really excited about reading and this blog.

With Love,