RoadQueen: Eternal Roadtrip to Love

Title: RoadQueen: Eternal Roadtrip to Love

Author: Mira Ong Chua

Genre: Romance, LGBTQA

Rated: Older Teen

Synopsis: Leo’s the hottest senior at Princess Andromeda Academy, and her adoring fangirls have one goal: beat her in a road race and win the chance to date her! Unfortunately for them, the only thing Leo loves more than breaking hearts is her faithful motorcycle, Bethany. But when a mysterious girl named Vega takes sBethany away, Leo finds her heart may have been stolen, too.

This comic made me nostalgic. The first chapter, Girlfriend of the World, reminded me of a specific Ranma 1/2 scene. The one where Akane has to fight off all the schoolboys who want to date her. This immediately endeared me to the story. The story gave me classic 90’s anime rom-com. Which I absolutely live for. Just enough plot to keep you reading and crazy enough to leave you entertained long after the tale has been told. 

Leo is seemingly tough. Her outward androgynous appearance aids her in keeping up the facade. On the inside, she’s soft, lonely, and craves genuine affection. She rejects her fangirls without sympathy because she feels as though they don’t really like her. They’re just attracted to the thought of her.

Vega is a bit of a wild child. She poses as a student in Leo’s school to steal her bike. Her endgame throughout the story was a mystery right until the end. Vega’s mission throughout the comic was to turn Leo into a “decent” lesbian. Why? That was the question that stayed with me throughout the entirety of the story. It wasn’t until the end that the truth was revealed.

I would consider RoadQueen to be a romantic comedy. I enjoyed reading it and was sad that the series is so short. Yet, there were a few small things that I couldn’t help but notice. For example, I don’t really understand the purpose of the Princess Academy, high school. There was no princess, and Leo wasn’t in the process of becoming one. Also, where the hell were all the parents lol. 

As far as the characters go, the only thing I’d wish for is for Vega’s personality to have been explored more. It seemed like every emotion wrought out of her was connected to Leo’s actions. Other than that, I lived for this comic. Seriously I ate this story up in a matter of hours (if it even took me that long).

With Love,