Coyote Chapter 01

**This post contains spoilers! You have been warned.**

I’m so so so excited to get into this manga finally, but before I completely lose my mind and start screaming in fangirl, I want to go over a few housekeeping things.

Starting now, I’m going to be discussing mangas by chapters instead of volumes. I feel like that’s the best way for me to remember all that happens and eloquently divulge it to you.

Coyote by Ranmaru Zariya is a BL (boy love) urban fantasy manga. Coyote (Lili) and Marleen are the main characters. Marleen is a piano player at the bar that Coyote frequents. Coyote is a mystery. Off the bat, I can tell Marleen is going to be the humor throughout the series. He’s unabashedly attracted to Coyote, who he calls Lili.

The first few pages revolve around Marleen trying to get Coyote to go on a date with him. There’s a lot of sexual tension between the two, but you can tell that they don’t know each other well. I live for a reluctant love story. I love to watch someone unexpectedly fall head of heels in love. I love watching characters fumble around trying to figure out what to do. I get the sense that that character is going to be Coyote.

As much as I would love to continue discussing this romance trope, other events occur in this chapter. Bodies are piling up, and the never-ending feud between werewolves and the Galland family is to blame. Well, according to two older men who happen to be at the crime scene.

You know who else is at the crime scene, our boys Marleen and Coyote. How do our boys play into this? Well, I’m not too sure about Marleen, but I have my theories. Coyote is a werewolf, so you know he had to make sure his pack members weren’t among the dead bodies. They were.

Here’s where things start to get interesting. A bunch of crucial information is conveyed in the form of a pack meeting. Their government knows of the existence of werewolves. After a nasty war between the Galland’s and the werewolf packs, the government decided to erase all evidence of the werewolf species. It makes it so the werewolves have to hide among humans and can’t let anyone discover what they are.

After meeting with his pack, we get a little more insight into Coyote’s back story. It’s discovered his mother is dead. I’m assuming he has no blood family left. This tidbit of information is given in an air of sadness and mystery. Leaving me to believe that his mother’s death will play some role in the climax of this series. But, honestly, this is neither here nor there.

The highlight of this chapter was when Coyote went into heat. Let me set the scene. Marleen has just finished his set and is trying to maneuver his way into a date with Coyote. All of a sudden, Coyote starts to feel hot. His fangs begin to protrude out of his mouth. There’s fear and confusion stamped across his face. The minute Marleen turns his back to get drinks from the bar. He books it.

Marleen stupidly chases after him. Concern etched on that handsome face of his. Coyote turns to tell him to leave him alone, and his fangs elongate even more.

There isn’t shock on Marleen’s face as he realizes Coyote is a werewolf but instead a mild amusement at the fact that Coyote is going into heat. He offers his body much to his pleasure, only to be turned down. Not one to give up, Marleen plays the most unexpected card.

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