Breaking Badger by Shelly Laurenston

Title: Breaking Badger (Honey Badger Chronicles #4)

Author: Shelly Laurenston

Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Humor, Shapeshifters

Triggers: Violence


It’s instinct that drives Finn Malone to rescue a bunch of hard battling honey badgers. The Siberian tiger shifter just can’t bear to see his fellow shifters harmed. But no way can Finn have a houseful of honey badgers when he also has two brothers with no patience. Things just go from bad to worse when the badgers rudely ejected from his home turn out to be the only ones who can help him solve a family tragedy. He’s just not sure he can even get back into the badgers’ good graces. Since badgers lack graces of any kind . . .

Mads knows her teammates aren’t about to forgive the cats that were so rude to them, but moody Finn isn’t so bad. And he’s cute! The badger part of her understands Finn’s burning need to avenge his father’s death—after all, vengeance is her favorite pastime. So Mads sets about helping Finn settle his family’s score, which has its perks, since she gets to avoid her own family drama. Besides, fighting side by side with Finn is her kind of fun—especially when she can get in a hot and heavy snuggle with her very own growling, eye-rolling, and utterly irresistible kitty-cat . . .

I debating with my self for two days about wether I was going to post about this novel. I’ve been waiting for Breaking Badger to release since January. I was at Barnes and Nobles at 9:00 am to get my hands on a solid copy. I read through this book in one night.

My thoughts on the novel are so conflicting I don’t even know if this post will make sense but here goes nothing.

Breaking Badger was everything I wanted it to be and nothing like how I thought it would be. Let me explain…

With Shelly Laurenston novels I expect a few things to be apart of her story. Found families and chaotic genetic ties. Sarcasm and witty humor. Romances that are hilariously relatable and Shelly did not disappoint. Yet I still feel a bit unsatisfied.

After taking the time to explore my emotions towards the novel I’ve come to a conclusion. I’m unsatisfied because it didn’t feel like a Mads and Finn story. It felt like a filler. Like a set up to be used to carry me into the next big plot.

So while I got everything I wanted it was still nothing like I expected it to be.

Mads and Finn could have been great. Maybe. I wasn’t really sold on the pairing but there personalities aligned well. I didn’t feel the attraction between them (but maybe I read the book to fast). It seemed like they were becoming friends but their friends were pushing them to be more. Which given there personalities neither would have made a move without that push.

The novel didn’t focus on them as a couple enough. Their moments together were really sweet and I adore Finn Malone in a way that borders unhealthy but it just wasn’t enough to sell me on them as a couple.

Mads in her own right is a bad ass queen and I love her. The way she resolved her issues with her family earned her a spot in my book of favorite female protagonist.

The action packed scenes made this novel great. This was in no way a bad book and if I was more into action than romance I probably would have had different feelings.

Authors Note: Have you ever had novel that you’ve read and don’t have a real opinion on? Like you enjoyed it but when asked about how you felt nothing distinct comes to mind? Some stories I read and have never ending opinions and thoughts on but for some reason I couldn’t muster up much when it can the this novel.

Until the next page,