Coyote Chapter 02

Authors Note: I feel the need to inform the people that come across this post that this is in fact a Yaoi manga. It’s also a mature manga meant for adult reader. Now if some sixteen year old or my mother comes across this…

Viewer Discretion Is Advised

Things get spicy in chapter two. Marleen takes Coyote to a local brothel. It appears to be an old stomping ground for him. Marleen quickly introduces Coyote to Herma, a hermaphrodite prostitute. Herma boldly asks Coyote his preference. Male or feeling because he’s willing to play either role.

I’m going to take a shot in the dark and assume Coyote’s bi-sexual. Not that it matters, but it’s not clarified in this chapter even after Marleen joins in and things really get heated.

Marleen watches Coyote and Herma closely. I mean super close, which I found creepy, but it made Marleen notice that Coyote was holding back. He assumed that Coyote was afraid of Herma noticing his knot. Because wolves have knots, and honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about that realization yet.

Marleen decides it’s best to help Coyote enjoy this experience to the fullest by joining in. First, it’s just simple touches designed to bring Coyote’s passions higher.

But Marleen is the one who has become ensued in this heated moment. Unable to hold back the depth of his passions he becomes entangled in the web of lust he created. What happens next can not be put into words. I was, to put it simply, shell shocked by a seven-page long sex scene.

After the all consuming passion is wrung from all parties they leave the brothel quietly and return to Marleen’s home, where the next week is spent reveling in the throes of passion and insatiable heat. When Coyote’s heat passes, he dips—not even leaving a note behind a move that Marleen was expecting.

I find Marleen to be pushy, and I don’t like that, but at the same time, Coyote is so passive when it comes to his sexual identity. I suspect if Marleen didn’t make a move, then they’d be at a standstill. It’s very perplexing because I can’t tell if Coyote wanted to have sex with Marleen or if he was back into a corner.

Everything in this chapter wasn’t all spicy. Much to my relief because a girl can only take so much. Coyote is still trying to figure out how safe his pack is. I get the feeling that he’s something along the lines of an enforcer. His voice holds weight within the pack, and he has a strong bond with his Alpha.

Around the same time, it’s I’m told that Marleen has another name. Josh and he isn’t just a part of the Galland family. He’s its next heir. Something I anticipated, yet I am intensely conflicted in how it makes me feel.

Then I’m returned to Coyote’s POV. He and his pack mates discuss the fate of their pack and what the Alpha is trying to accomplish when one of them asks where Angier is.

The final scene is dedicated to the she-wolf; I’m assuming she is Angier. Her body is riddled with bullets. Still, she stands tall above her now dead attacker. Giving her final words, “it serves you right, you pig.” As she crumbles onto the concrete, her fangs remain elongated, showing what she is just as surely as the claws protruding from her nail beds.

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