MADK Chapter 01

Authors Note: I feel the need to inform the people that come across this post that this is in fact a Yaoi manga. It’s also a mature manga meant for adult reader. Now if some sixteen year old or my mother comes across this…

Viewer Discretion Is Advised

I’ve come to realize that paranormal fiction is a slippery slope. One minute I’m enjoying a romance between a shifter and a human and the next I reading about a boy fucking a demons throat. Like his literal throat.

What in the actual fuck am I reading and why am I now considering buying the other volumes.

MADK by Ryo Suzuri is about Makoto a high schooler who has kinks. Not normal kinks like tying up his partner or being dominant. No, Makoto is borderline serial killer. He knows this and is determined to not kill someone if he goes off the hinges.

To conquer his urges which quite frankly are illegal he summons a demon. Archduke J is described as a chatty demon. But, demons are deceiving creature and while he seems harmless while at the mercy of the one who summoned him he’s anything but.

Archduke J assumed Makoto was like any other young adult. Summoning a demon to help him lose his virginty or get back at his bullies. He was taken aback by Makoto request to consume him.

After a month Makoto has eaten Archduke J lower half yet is still unsatisfied. It isn’t until Archduke J slices open his throat and prompts Makoto to do him there that he finds release. Announcing that he’s completely satisfied ends the contract between them, giving Archduke J the power to take Makotos soul. Which was Makoto plan all along.

But, demons are tricky beings. They always get what they want in the end and it seems that Archduke J wants Makoto. As his pet, his lover, his protege.

There was a bit of foretelling at the end of the chapter about Makoto’s future. I think that’s what had me grabbing my pearls and wanting every volume ever written.

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