Rosen Blood Vol 1 – 3

Rosen Blood is a vampire romance manga written and illustrated by Kachiru Ishizue. The series was originally released in Japan through the Monthly Princess magazine since 2017 and due to finalize the series in August of 2022. In February 2021 Viz Media announced their license to the manga.

Plot: While Stella Violetta was passing through a forest on her way to start her new job she her carriage has an accident. She wakes up in a Gothic mansion where four hot men live. Levi, Friedrich, Yoel, and Gilbert have secrets

Triggers: Sexual assault, abuse and animal violence.

PSA: My reviews are in no way literally genius. As I struggle with giving you good content and keeping it authentic things won’t always be cohesive. Some reads will be smooth and others will be a rollercoaster. One thing is always guaranteed…it will be enjoyable.

I’m so pissed. I really love this manga, but Stella pisses me off. She’s giving Kagome (from Inuyasha). As much as the plot intrigues me, I don’t know how much naivety I can take. If turn the other cheek was a person, it would be Stella. I’m not saying the female lead has to be a hard ass, but the lack of common sense is irritating.

It doesn’t take long for Stella to find out the boys are vampires; no, it wasn’t the ‘fake’ dead body inside the locked box that didn’t give it away. Nor was it how Friedrich attacked her with his teeth inches away from her throat. It also wasn’t when Gilbert kicked Friedrich hard than humanly possible and twisted his neck. Yet Friedrich still lived. They had to verbally tell her that they weren’t human. Again the lack of common sense.

The plot thickens as Stella discovers that the rock candy they eat is actually crystallized human bodies. . What does our kind-hearted heroine do? Not run for the hills; no, our wanna-be saintess is far too dim-witted to be that rationale. Instead, she jumps to the opposite end of the spectrum and offers to be their food source. As she pledges that she’ll save their souls.

Yet I still read on. Why? Because I love twisted, dark fucked up in the head romances where nothing makes sense, but they’re all so hot it doesn’t matter. Or so I thought because as hot as Gilbert is, he’s such an asshole. Suppose I got paid a dollar for every time he sexually assaulted Stella. In that case, I could afford a number 2 with Mac sauce and an Oreo McFlurry. Not to mention he just likes to stir the pot.

I used to feel bad for Yoel. He seemed like he didn’t fit in with the other house members. But, upon further consideration, he’s probably the craziest asshole of them all. Like legitimately crazy. Which surprised me because the story portrays Friedrich as the loose cannon. Yet he’s perhaps the sanest out of the four. I feel my love for Friedrich growing.

Levi is sex personified and the male lead, but he’s creepy. He keeps his ‘mother’ Rosemary’s dead body in the basement. His routine visits to her corpse, like a catholic to a confession booth, is sickening. He also sexually assaults Stella in a jealous rage over something he knows isn’t her fault. Remember how I said Gilbert was our resident shit starter. Ultimately he doesn’t know if he loves Stella (which I think he doesn’t yet) or if it’s bloodlust.

After an intensive deliberation (me reading the volumes twice), I deem Rosen Blood to be chaotic, sexually tense, and filled with doses of Stockholm syndrome that’s sure to still the thunder from other equally intense reverse harem vampire romances * cough cough Diabolik Lovers*

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