Shadow Storm by Christine Feehan

Title: Shadow Storm [Ghost Rider #6]

Author: Christine Feehan

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Mafia

Triggers: Verbal abuse, Violence, Torture


As the youngest member of the Ferraro family, Emmanuelle has watched each of her brothers find happiness in love while her own heart was shattered by a lover’s betrayal. For two years she’s stayed as far away from Valentino Saldi as possible—until she learns that he’s been shot during a hostile takeover of his family’s territory.

Emme’s first instinct is to call her brother Stefano for help, and soon the entire Ferraro clan arrives to bring Val back from the brink of death and protect the Saldis from further attack. With one choice Emme has re-exposed herself to Val’s intoxicating pull and dragged her family into the Saldis’ private war.

A deadly storm is brewing, and only time will tell who survives…

This is the love story I’ve been waiting for since the series started back in 2016. My anticipation built with every novel that was released. I waited for Emmanuelle and Valentino’s story for so long that there was no way I could be disappointed. This novel had no choice but to be good. And I am so so so so happy that it didn’t disappoint. Shadow Storm was nothing like what I expected but everything I needed.

Val quickly became one of my favorite men in the series [ he still doesn’t top Stefano]. The Saldi’s are one of the most prominent crime families in the world. They have a centuries-old feud with the Ferraro family. Shadow Storm is the first in the series to shift focus away from the Ferraro’s and give a glimpse of the rest of the world. Turns out the Saldi’s don’t do things too differently from the Ferraro’s, but this shift does introduce new characters.

I’m not mad at all about this change. I honestly thought that this would be the final novel for the series because Emme is the last sibling, so this shift brings new possibilities for more books. Who could complain about that?

The relationship between Emme and Val has been woven into every book in this series. Emmanuelle and Valentino’s love is an undying flame compelling you to touch it. Their emotions for each other are so potent that they give you no choice but to feel what they felt. Halfway through the novel, you are begging to be swept away. You crave their love. You become envious because nothing has ever felt so pure, so natural. I loved the way they loved each other, entirely without reservation.

Emme struggled to overcome her trauma while simultaneously trying to rebuild her confidence and self-worth. This had worsened because of some of Val’s actions and a few misunderstandings. Val had to continually fight against his uncle while dealing with the death of his adoptive mother and his heartbroken father.

I assumed that this would be a Romeo and Juliet-is plot. It would have been so easy. I was pleasantly surprised when Christine took a different approach. I loved that her brothers didn’t try to pressure her into leaving Val. They were understandably worried and voiced their opinions but ultimately supported her decision. Even though I was expecting a battle between their families, I was happy that there wasn’t one.

It’s quickly learned that some unusual shady business is going on within the Saldi mafia. Luckily, the alliance with the Ferraro’s is built just a quickly. With the Saldi’s and Ferraro’s working together, things get explosive [literally]. This novel has more twists and turns than a roller coaster, and the conclusion was shocking [I’m not exaggerating].

Some things that happened in those last few chapters still have my mind reeling. It took great willpower to not pick up the next book in the series and burn through it. Instead, I sit here and write this post.

Until the next page,