Fruits Basket Another Vol. 1-3

Title: Fruit Baskets Another [Vol. 1-3]

Author and Artist: Natsuki Takaya

Genre: Manga, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Contemporary, Romance [kind of]

Triggers: Verbal Abuse, bullying

Synopsis: Sawa Mitoma, a nervous, skittish girl who prefers minimal human interaction, has just started high school, and it’s already not going well…

…until she meets the “it” boys – the “prince-like” Mustsuki and the sharp-tongued Hajime. but little does she know, they’re Shomas?! It’s fruits Baskets…again!

Fruits Basket Another takes place decades after the original story, and let’s agree that all the feels are there. Nothing nearly as tragic happened in this second go-round as in the first, but I was still moved to tears. Natsuki has a way of doing that. There are obvious parallels between this sequel and the original, but it didn’t feel like a reboot. It felt like coming home. while the faces resembled their processors, the content was fresh.

I screamed at all of my childhood ships, becoming an actual thing. Words can not describe how I felt while flipping through those pages and looking at all their children. ** inserts that one viral Lady Gaga audio** Fruits Basket was my childhood. Yes, I’m old.

The premise for this sequel is that Mitoma’s mom is a piece of shit, and now she’s traumatized. Mustsuki is very much his father’s son and quickly does some badgering to get Mitoma to join their Shoma fold. Secrets get unearthed in a flamboyant fashion. Mitoma’s mom is a more significant piece of shit than was initially portrayed. Everyone cries, hugs, and makes up except for the mom because we hate her.

I wanted to cradle Mitoma through the whole series. I wanted to pour love and happiness into her soul. I wanted to tell her everything was going to get better. I was heartbroken for her, but I also had a few concerns.

The first being age. I’m highly confused about how old Shiki Shoma is because they clearly said he was in middle school, but they were definitely shipping him with Mitoma, who is in high school. Make it make sense, please. The second is how creepy Mustsuki was throughout the whole series. He was giving Akito vibes with Yuki’s face, and I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.

The whole three volumes are very Melodramatic in the best way. As much as I wanted more from these characters, I was glad it was over. I think anyone that’s ever read Fruits Baskets [or watched the anime] will understand when I say there’s only so much heartache I can take. Three volumes of angst and Mitoma moms bullshit was all I could take. Respectfully. Natsuki’s work is best read in small batches [seriously, my heart can only take so much].

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