Mini Review: Cheat(er) Code

While reading other reviews for this graphic novel I’ve become enlighten. There is an actual genre for these kind of graphic novels. Homoerotic! I was just tickled pink to come across this term and honestly that set my mood while I was reading this. I feel like I should add a disclaimer here. Letting the younger audience as well as any parents look to get graphic novels for their kids that this graphic novel is not suitable for children. Continue reading Mini Review: Cheat(er) Code

Mini Review: Immortal Angel by Lynsay Sands

Title: Immortal Angel Series: Argeneau Author: Lynsay Sands Genre: Slow burn, paranormal romance, thriller The Argeneau series holds a special place in my heart so I’m not shocked that I thoroughly enjoyed this latest installment. Admittedly there were a few things that bugged me but no novel is perfect and everyone’s opinion differs. Before I can give my honest opinion I should probably give a … Continue reading Mini Review: Immortal Angel by Lynsay Sands

Trying Out New Authors Part One – Christina Dodd

In the last five years of my life I’ve read only books by the same authors. It’s a comfort for me. I know I’m going to like the book and I’m not wasting money or time on something I’m just going to DNF. Now with all this free time on my hands I’ve caught up on all my favorite series and the next installments won’t … Continue reading Trying Out New Authors Part One – Christina Dodd

Fairy tale Retellings – Beauty and the Beast

I’ve never been a big fan of fairy tales. I’m more of a mythology gal. Greek, Norse, African you name it I’ll read it. Out of all the fairy tales I’ve seen Beauty and the Beast is one of my least favorite. So imagine my surprise when I realized I genuinely enjoyed these novels. Title: Lair Of The Lion Author: Christine Feehan Genre: Paranormal Romance … Continue reading Fairy tale Retellings – Beauty and the Beast

Mini Review: Slave to Sensation

Title: Slave to Sensation Author: Nalini Singh Series: Psy-Changeling series Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Adult Synopsis: In a world that denies emotions, where the ruling Psy punish any sign of desire, Sascha Duncan must conceal the feelings that brand her as flawed. To reveal them would be to sentence herself to the horror of “rehabilitation”— the complete psychic erasure of everything she ever was…. … Continue reading Mini Review: Slave to Sensation

Mini-Review: Daughter of the Blood

Title: Daughter of the Blood Author: Anne Bishop Synopsis: Seven hundred years ago, a Black Widow witch saw an ancient prophecy come to life in her web of dreams and visions. Now the Dark Kingdom readies itself for the arrival of its Queen, a Witch who will wield more power than even the High Lord of Hell himself. But she is still young, still open to … Continue reading Mini-Review: Daughter of the Blood